Policy Statement

The Restaurant and Catering Industry Association (R&CA) is a national industry body representing the interests of over 57,000 restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses in Australia. The café, restaurant & catering sector is vitally important to the national economy, generating over $37 billion in retail turnover each year as well as employing 450,000 people. Over 92 per cent of businesses in the café, restaurant and catering sector are small businesses, employing 19 people or less. R&CA delivers tangible outcomes to small businesses within the hospitality industry by influencing the policy decisions and regulations that impact the sector’s operating environment.

R&CA is committed to ensuring the industry is recognised as one of excellence, professionalism, profitability, and sustainability. This includes advocating the broader social and economic contribution of the sector to industry and government stakeholders, as well as highlighting the value of the hospitality experience to the public.

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