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Membership with Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) ensures you remain informed of industry trends and developments, changes in regulations, and offers exclusive deals with suppliers to reduce costs in your business. A membership subscription provides you with a cost-effective way to support the core functions of your business.


But don't just trust us, here what our members have to say below about being a member of the R&CA:


"The industry I have dedicated my life to is something I love with all I have. Over the years I have bleed with my fellow hospitality workmates and together we have helped forge the vibrant and world class restaurant scene we have had the privilege of enjoying. Our industry has always been one filled with loyal and passionate people who give us all they have without wanting anything in return. We are here to serve and create memoires for all who intrust us. Now the world is under attach and our future is uncertain. Now we are the ones who are in need of service, we need guidance and leadership in managing the legal and political circumstances of our uncertain future. Wes and his team have been the light our industry has longed for and needed."

Shane Delia, Delia Group

“The Restaurant & Catering Association has been of valuable assistance. The membership has already paid for itself with the savings the association was able to gain on our energy contracts. With discounts on a range of training I'm looking forward to making full use if the membership benefits”

Ali Farouque, Kefi Greek Cuisine


"We recently opened a new restaurant in Adelaide and even though we have several long-term industry managers in place. We thought joining the restaurant and catering association was a good idea.  For us it is having a knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone.  We have found that information requested is always handled in a timely manner. I would recommend anyone thinking of joining money very well spent"

Paul Barber, Stem

"I would like to let you know what being a member of R&CA means to me. Without a doubt in my mind I can say that being part of the hospitality industry for the first time has been a mixed bag of emotions. However because of the support I have received from R&CA I don't feel that I'm alone. I truly am thankful for all the support, knowledge & resources provided to me, especially throughout these challenging times. Because of the quick advice from both Wes, yourself & your team, I have been able to keep my doors open & my team members employed. I can't thank R&CA enough & encourage others in our industry to get on board. You guys are amazing!"

Valerio Domenici