Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) is the peak industry body representing over 57,000 restaurants, cafes and catering businesses across Australia. The members of R&CA are owners and operators of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, catering companies, takeaway businesses, and function centres. The hospitality sector is vitally important to the national economy, generating over $40.4 billion in retail turnover each year as well as employing 350,000 people.

R&CA was established in 1922 by café operators as a way of sharing information, saving money and talking to government. R&CA also celebrates the achievements of operators through its Awards for Excellence program.


R&CA exists to be the single source of truth for the restaurant, cafe and catering sector to our members, the broader industry and to Governments across Australia. R&CA are hospitality champions that represent our members and provide support, guidance and leadership in Policy, Industrial Relations, Government, Training and Education.


R&CA strives to be the "Industry Warrior" ensuring that a thriving hospitality industry remains part of the fabric of Australian society and remain a formidable Association as we grow members.


Restaurant and catering businesses are an important part of the Australian economy. Restaurants, cafes, catering and takeaway businesses are the largest employer in the tourism industry, employing more than 610,900 Australians. We are the largest employer of young people with 43 per cent of the industry being 15-24 years of age. Ninety per cent of cafés and restaurants are small businesses, employing 19 people or less.

R&CA brings these operators together to provide a single, powerful voice to government on issues affecting your business.

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R&CA’s strategic focus is to ensure owners and operators within the hospitality industry remain profitable and sustainable. R&CA also aims to support the continuous improvement of industry standards and professionalism in the sector.

R&CA achieves this through:

  • Providing advice and support to business owners on how to run their business successfully;
  • Access to timely information on industry trends, benchmarks and regulation changes affecting hospitality businesses;
  • Specialist advice on workplace relations, employment law and immigration;
  • Access to supplier deals and discounts to reduce costs; and
  • Engagement with federal, state and local councils on policies affecting the sector including tax, liquor licensing, immigration and fees and charges.

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