SAGE (Sustainability Accreditation (for a) Greener Environment) Accreditation

SAGE (Sustainability Accreditation (for a) Greener Environment) offers restaurants, cafes and catering businesses the opportunity to differentiate their business from the competitors by demonstrating their commitment to an environmentally sustainable future and to reducing the carbon footprint of their business.

SAGE, is an education and certification program that recognises restaurants, cafes and catering businesses that do their best to reduce their impact on the environment. Established as the first of its kind in 2009 and branded as the Green Table Accreditation program (now rebranded as SAGE) it was the first program to formally recognise hospitality businesses becoming environmentally friendly.

The program requires businesses to already be utilising and/or commit to making changes within their business to support environmentally sustainable products and practices. Businesses are required to provide hard evidence of their commitment to:

  • Recycle all paper material and glass
  • Send food waste to compost or green waste
  • Use appropriate stock management techniques to reduce waste in general
  • Using natural gas to run stoves and ovens (where gas is used), or using a minimum of 20 per cent green electricity or offsetting a minimum of 20 per cent green electricity
  • Replace all light fittings with energy efficient globes 
  • Install water-efficient/low-flow taps on all faucets
  • Install dual flushing toilets or dual flushing cistern valves in toilets
  • Undertaking to reduce water use and energy consumption
  • Use bio-degradable and non-toxic cleaning products
  • Use products are that recycled, that can be recycled and are bio-degradable wherever possible 
  • To train their team to understand the part they will play in reducing the businesses environmental footprint

To apply for SAGE for your business use the following link.