Restaurant Awards

Recognising Industry Excellence






  • Complete the online nomination form.

  • Pay your entry fee – nominations will only be accepted once the entry fee is paid.


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  • Restaurants can enter as many categories as you wish as long as the entrant meets the specific category definition.

  • Categories will be split into master and sub-categories only if there are sufficient entries.

  • Finalists for the 2023 Restaurant Awards will be announced via email to each entrant prior to each state/region awards gala event.

  • The R&CA Restaurant Awards are open to all member and non-member businesses.


  • The National Chair of Judge is a trained experienced independent judge under the National Restaurant And Catering Evaluation System (RACES), who oversees and reviews all entrants.

  • Restaurants are assessed on a set of judging criteria.

  • R&CA member restaurant finalists will receive a judging analysis graph that provides the relative performance of your business against the average and winning result in the entered category. Entrants that receive an honourable mention are not able to receive the judging analysis graph.

  • R&CA members will receive a plate rating badge for those businesses that receive a 3.5 plate rating or above. The plate rating badge can be displayed on the recipient’s webpage or printed material demonstrating that the business provides a quality product and service.

  • Winners for each state/regional awards will move forward to the National Awards for Excellence.


Restaurants are assessed on the RACES judging system. The RACES system has been devised to provide a comprehensive and objective appraisal of the nominated restaurant.

Nominated restaurants are evaluated on a set of criteria including service, food, beverage, staff, hygiene, restaurant presentation and the overall dining experience.