R&CA pride themselves on the expertise and high level of knowledge within the organsation on the hospitality and catering industry.

We have a variety of accreditation programs that assist businesses in standing out from the crowd and showing that they are at the top of their sector.

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Gold Licence Caterers Accreditation - $159.95 (usually $569.95 for non-members)

The Gold Licence Caterer’s Accreditation offers caterers the opportunity to differentiate their business from competitors by demonstrating their high level of professionalism, food safety and workplace standards. It is valid for 12 months and at this price, usually just for members, it is a great time to get accredited!








Sustainability Accreditation (for a) Greener Environment (SAGE) - $150 (usually $199.95)

Get your business recognised and celebrated for their sustainable practices. The accreditation is for businesses who uphold the highest standards of green, renewable practices in the hospitality industry. Valid for 24 months.








Certified Professional Restaurateur - $89.95 (usually $389.95 for non-members)

Build on your professional develop and stand out by demonstrating your high level of professionalism, experience, food and workplace standards. This accreditation is great to add to your resume and digital presence.