Set up 2022 to be your best year yet

It’s been a rough 24 months for business owners across the world. Many industries have been severely impacted, with hospitality being one of the worst hit.

Along with that, 85% of the industry’s businesses are currently making less than 10% profit each year.

It’s a truly unacceptable situation.

The hospitality community deserves a huge shout-out for making it through the past two years. Venue owners have been resilient, innovative, and nothing short of amazing during this period and beyond.

Still, everyone needs to stand up and make this industry highly profitable again.

Massive changes are coming to the sector over 2022, and those who leverage this change will reap the rewards over the next 12 months.

We at Foodie Coaches bring the tools and knowledge so you can best position your venue for its most profitable year yet.

Foodie Coaches offer dedicated coaching programs that focus on improving the Five Key Performance Indicators of your business to drive success by getting more time back and making more profit.

The next six months are going to be critical for your venue, and it’s the perfect time to pivot your business!

Foodie Coaches will help you become a stronger venue owner next year by:

  • reviewing what could have gone better over the last 24 months of the pandemic and positioning yourself for a great 2022;
  • taking advantage of the changing hospitality landscape and kickstarting a year of transformative change for your venue; and
  • dialing into the opportunities for the 2022 calendar year so you can set your business up for its best year yet.

We will work with 10 venue owners who want to set up 2022 to be their most profitable yet.

If this is you and you:

  • want to boost your profits;
  • have a couple of hours to work ON your venue (not IN it);
  • are friendly and coachable; and
  • are ready to take your business to the next level,

Take the first step toward a prosperous year. Click the link to speak to the Foodie Coaches team:

Cheers to a great year!