R&CA excited to announce new initiative "WFHospo" with new partner Third Place to revitalise industry and boost mental health

Restaurant & Catering Association (R&CA), in partnership with Third Place, are delighted to bring to you an exciting initiative called #WFHospo ‘work from hospitality’ that is helping to revitalise the hospitality industry, while boosting the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce.

Third Place is an online platform that links remote workers with hospitality venues which have spaces they can use for the day. These might be fully-equipped meeting rooms or simply a table from which they can fire up the laptop while enjoying food and beverages.

By listing on Third Place, hospitality venues can generate new revenue supported by corporates, establish a new corporate customer base, increase customer footfall, and promote and market their venue and spaces as ‘laptop-friendly’ outside peak weekend trade, inviting people to feel welcome to come in and to return time and time again.

Companies, employees and freelancers can access inspiring spaces to work remotely, saving commute time by working local, whether living in the city, suburbs or regionally.

Moreover, companies can use the platform as part of their employee well-being program, to improve culture, increase productivity and staff retention, boost their brand and attract the best talent from anywhere.

Laura McLachlan, COO of the Restaurant and Catering Association, said: ““WFHospo is an amazing opportunity for our R&CA corporate partners, who may be looking for spaces to work remotely, to support our hospitality members who have incredible venues, facilities, meeting spaces, and food and beverage. And, vice versa our 55,000 cafes, restaurants and catering businesses can support the mental health and wellbeing of our corporate partners and their employees with all the right facilities to work from”.

Dean Katz, CEO of Third Place, said: “We’re proud to be partnering with R&CA, with a shared mission to revitalise the industry and ensure businesses within the hospitality industry remain profitable. We’re excited to support R&CA’s corporate partners with Third Place - the perfect balance and alternative to working from home “the first place” and the office “the second place”, where you can reconnect, get that face to face contact, build company culture, provide the best employee experience, and with true flexibility to work from anywhere”.

There are currently no fees for hospitality venues to list spaces on Third Place in a bid to provide as much support to the industry as possible. Third Place is also currently waiving their monthly subscription fee exclusive to R&CA Partners (usually $5 per employee).

To start finding and booking spaces, simply visit www.third-place.org.

Listing your venue at www.third-place.org is quick and easy, much like hosting on AirBnB. Or, email us at team@third-place.org and we’ll get you up!