3 ways how tech can provide the big break in tackling restaurant staff shortages

In the restaurant and food industry, staffing issues continue to be a pain, especially with increased tourism coming back to Australia.

As a result, restaurants are operating with smaller teams and possibly having to pay more to hire staff. With this in mind, restaurants need to find ways to optimize their operations through automation.

By automating repetitive tasks and making operations more efficient, restaurants can help overcome the staff and skills shortage. Here are 3 ways how technology can help tackle the staff shortages in Australia:

1. Automate your online order flow and stop manually rekeying delivery orders in your POS system

Some restaurants put a full-time employee in charge of accepting delivery and/or takeaway orders, as well as double punching the orders into the point-of-sale system. This manual task, which is both time and labor intensive, creates a delay in the order flow. Another issue with rekeying orders is that it’s prone to error. By automating the online order process, you can avoid the potential risk of (costly) errors and free up your staff’s time, so they can invest it in your in-house customers.

2. Gain better insights from all your sales channels

At the end of the day, analyzing your sales is the best way to optimize and grow. Unfortunately, having to gather all sales data scattered around different channels is a well-known by-product of working with third parties for delivery. A seamless integration between your online sales channels and POS system is all it takes to solve this pain.

3. Centralize your menu management

Creating online menus on different third-party platforms and keeping them up to date can take up hours and hours of your precious time. You have to set up multiple menus for each delivery platform and once you want to adjust a price or item, put in the request with the delivery partner. If you run multiple locations and/or cloud kitchens, all of which are listed on a range of ordering platforms, you can only imagine the amount of work and time you’d have to invest in just your menus. Fortunately, it is possible to easily and efficiently manage multi-location and multi-platform menus, all from one place. Deliverect’s delivery management software comes with an easy menu builder that allows you to create, duplicate and automate menus, and push them to multiple channels.

With all these efficiencies in place, Deliverect can help reduce staffing costs on average by 25%. Helping you reduce the amount of staff needed, while also improving delivery operations.

That means lower costs for the business, a happier team, and happier customers! Until staffing levels return to normal, smart restaurant operators are looking for ways to make efficiency and cost-saving gains. Book a demo today to see how much Deliverect can save your restaurant.