Welcome the Gold Licence Caterers Accreditation

The Gold Licence Caterer's Accreditation offers caterers the opportunity to differentiate their business from that of their competitors by demonstrating their high level of professionalism, food safety and workplace standards.

The Gold Licence Caterer's Accreditation is a symbol of quality that members of the public can trust when hiring a caterer. The Gold Licence program recognises caterers who adhere to the highest standards of food safety and industry best practice. The Gold Licence logo and a business Gold Licence Number can be used on all promotional material signalling to prospective clients that the business has met the requirements of the Gold Licence Accreditation Council.

The application process assesses each businesses capability, adherence to industry best practices, industry experience  as well as ensuring they compliant as a business in the following areas: 

  • Food Safety
  • Staff Training 
  • Business Liability
  • Industry Experience
  • Registration and Compliance

The Gold Licence is effective for one year from approval date. A renewal application must be submitted each year for approval.