R&CA has compiled everything you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. 

The vaccine rollout is the pathway to freedom and re-opening of the hospitality industry.

The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving in Australia. This information is current at the time of publishing. Please follow health advice from your local health authority.


New South Wales

NSW Health Vaccination Portal

COVID Queue - Find vaccine appointments

Priority vaccination for authorised workers


Vaccination Portal

COVID Queue - Find vaccine appointments


Book a vaccination

Western Australia

Vaccination Information

Register for the vaccine

Australian Capital Territory

Book your vaccination

South Australia

Find a vaccination clinic

Northern Territory

Book your vaccination


Book your vaccination


> FREE COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace Employer Guide

R&CA in collaboration with ACCI's Workplace Relations and WH&S team have prepared a comprehensive guide for employers on COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace. This is in direct response to the queries we have been receiving from members around the vaccine rollout and in particular, mandating the vaccine in the workplace.


COVID-19 Vaccine Contract Clause Template

R&CA continues to roll-out resources for our valued Members including our new Contract Clause Template for those who are opting to require vaccinations as a condition of employment. If you are interested in this, consider how these clauses may be incorporated into your employment contracts


> R&CA Vaccine Survey Template (Members Only)

Business owners can use any of these questions for the purposes of a staff survey. It is recommended that you use a Survey Monkey, Google Form or another similar software to collate answers from your staff. However, if you wish to use a pen and paper method, you are welcome to do so.

This document is a standardised template recommended by the Restaurant & Catering Association. Customising and implementing this document in your business requires proper scrutiny of each section in order to determine if it is appropriate for your business.

You may wish to seek further advice before implementing this document.

For further assistance, please contact R&CA on 1300 722 878.


> R&CA Vaccine Posters (Members Only)

The Vaccine Poster is optional businesses to use. They are for businesses who would like to demonstrate to customers and patrons that all staff have been vaccinated. 

Venues are to use their discretion when using these posters. The use of the poster is not an endorsement or verification of R&CA that your staff have been fully vaccinated. You may wish to seek further advice before using the poster and whether you can mandate vaccinations for staff.


> COVID-19 vaccination - Business kit

This set of resources is to help businesses promote COVID-19 vaccination to their employees. Use the resources to help spread the message of the importance of vaccination, encourage people to look for accurate information from trusted sources and lead by example in promoting the vaccination program.



R&CA Webinar: Vaccination update and the hospitality industry's path to reopening


"Put a Jab on the Menu" Campaign

Tired of watching the hospitality industry suffer from ongoing lockdowns and restrictions with no clear end in sight, some of Australia's best creative minds have teamed up with hospitality's best-loved chefs and restaurateurs to plead with people to do the only thing that will save their industry - get vaccinated as soon as possible.


R&CA Wes Lambert on ABC News discussing businesses wanting the option to mandate vaccinations for staff and customers


Pubs, restaurants back ‘no jab, no dine’ rule in early reopening push

Covid-19: ‘Freedom Long Weekend’ trial for NSW hospitality