Ms Belinda Clarke

Belinda has won the hearts and minds of Australia’s 55,000 restaurants and cafes in her former role as the Association’s Chief Operating Officer, during the toughest period the country’s hospitality industry has ever had to endure. Belinda joined the association following senior executive appointments with leading international restaurant, hospitality and travel retail groups, bringing a unique combination of leadership, operations, marketing, business development and hospitality training skills. 


A message from the CEO

Growing up in hospitality was always the plan, and finding myself CEO of the peak body associated is an honour and responsibility I completely appreciate more than my words here today will likely demonstrate. That responsibility embodies, and is not limited to the continued evolution in culture, in part through improved perception of lifestyle. It includes delivering access to training and development programs for apprenticeships and meeting industry labour force short falls, building on and opening up pathways for indigenous integration through ingredients, experiences and helping share the increasing desire for our First Nations’ people and their story. There will be significant focus on addressing and managing the increasing cost pressures faced by both our industry and the consumers of our product and services.

There’s a lot to do and address, and there’s a lot at stake. I embrace the challenge wholeheartedly and being an authentic voice and an understanding ear are just two qualities I bring that I hope help us all grow stronger together as we lean into head winds. 



National President
Mike Palmer

Vice President
Chris Edwards

Greg Hobby

Immediate Past President
Con Castrisos OAM

State Representative Directors
NSW/ACT – Bill Drakopoulos
QLD/NT – John Gambaro
VIC/TAS – Stephen Mercer
WA – Lee Green

Independent Directors
Kristie Atkins
Craig Carter

State Chairs
NSW/ACT Chair – Bill Drakopoulos
QLD/NT Chair – John Gambaro
SA Chair – TBD
VIC/TAS Chair – Stephen Mercer
WA Chair – Lee Green

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