R&CA offer a variety of training and educational options for the hospitality industry to ensure they are receiving training that suits their organisation, owners and staff. 

This training is aligned to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and is developed and delivered in accordance with Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and relevant state and Federal laws and regulations.

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Customer Service (SITSS00036)










Mentoring and Supervision (SITSS00039)










Beverage Advice (SITSS00046)










Safe Food Handling (SITSS00050) - Enrol here

If you are looking at stepping into the industry or wanting to have a refresher, Safe Food Handling is a great unit for that. Click here to learn about the course. This course is delivered online.










Food Safety Supervision (SITSS00051) - Enrol here

Did you know, in some states, you have to refresh your Food Safety Supervisors Certificate every 5 years? Click here to learn about the course. This course is delivered online.










Hospitality Compliance (SITSS00052)










Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITSS00055)

Looking to upskill your RSA or undertake new training? We deliver face to face delivery in Sydney. Click here to learn about the course. Contact us for more information on this training and dates.

Online delivery - NSW | QLD | SA | NT | WA 

Face to Face - Contact R&CA on 1300 722 878 or training@rca.asn.au










Dynamic Skills

  • Coach others in job skills (SITXHRM001)
  • Manage financies within a budget (SITXFIN003)
  • Enhance customer service experiences (SITXCCS007)
  • Roster staff (SITXHRM002)





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